Our Story

Family. Tradition. Heritage. Quality.

Jumpin J’s Restaurant is committed to making every guest feel like family. Our food is always hot, fresh, and fast…at a fair price.

Since the day we opened in 1991 our way of preparing and delivering generous portions of delicious down home comfort foods has evolved into a TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE which was born from a HERITAGE OF SERVICE.  We truly believe that QUALITY KNOWS NO COMPROMISE!

In 2018 we updated our digital menu boards & website, added new consumer friendly FREE WiFi, implemented a V.I.P. Text Club to reward loyal guests, and instituted a FREE MEAL on birthdays for guests that follow us by our new email subscription.

We were a little slow to catch up with the digital age.  Food as good as ours is a classic that never gets old and high demand made it hard for us make time for new technologies.  But we’re getting there.  In fact, now we offer ONLINE ORDERING

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